Coaches attending a CHEER EXCELLENCE resident camp can attend FREE. We will provide each coach a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for every 10 cheerleaders they bring to camp.

You MUST register your squad(s) for camp by JULY 3 to receive this FANTASTIC offer.

Bring 20 cheerleaders, receive TWO FREE SCHOLARSHIPS;

Bring 30 Cheerleaders and THREE COACHES ATTEND FREE.

This offer is extended to COACHES ONLY for the CHEER EXCELLENCE CAMP and cannot be used to apply as the tuition to camp for an attending cheerleader.

RESERVATIONS for your squad(s) to attend CHEER EXCELLENCE camp can be made by calling 919-552-6565 by JUNE 1 and selecting the August session that is most convenient for you REGARDLESS of your tryout date.

Make your reservation NOW!!!!!


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